Relax Mama, and enjoy this calming aromatherapy for the soul.

Hand poured in Sault Ste. Marie by Kala of Wyldflower Candle Co. 

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a large lavender field. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet aroma with a touch of sage to balance. Your mind will feel at ease and you will begin to feel at peace.

~ ~ ~ ~

+ 10oz with Cotton wick

+ Sustainably made, phthalate free, poured with love 

+ Candle jar that is simple yet beautifully adds a great touch to any room decor 

~ ~ ~ ~


+ For best burning results for any candle, trim your wick 1/8-1/4” before lighting the candle. 

+ The ideal time for burning your candle at one time is 2-3 hours. If you burn your candle for too long at one time it gets too hot and begins to evaporate fragrance oil which will mean your candle won’t be as yummy smelling.

relax, mama - LAVENDER + SAGE - 10oz Coconut Soy Wax Candle